Jim Trainer

Brother Craig’s blues

In Uncategorized on May 16, 2012 at 10:39 am

9:37PM So.. U were willing to fool around w me knowing that i was still involved with someone?? Yet ‘ him knowing your name’ kills the deal.. Funny man you are.
And, by the way, wanting to do lunch first is not an unreasonable request; however asking me over for a nightcap, is. Considering we hardly know eachoth
er anymore. Cant believe u came onto me so hard the other night. Where are your manners??
& here i was, dreaming about all kinds of stuff.. Marriage, kids, the whole bit. picturing a life with you! So absurd.
I take it you do not want to come with me to meditation?
Wow, youre,harsh. Ok.. Nevermind
Oh well. Dreaming about you was nice, anyway. Always did love your deep voice & hairy chest.. & the way you touch me. ill miss,you. Goodbye
O yea.. One more thing.. Thanks for being the catalyst/ impetus for doing what had to be done. Sometimes love alone is not enough.
Your friends still in town?
Whatcha doin today ?
Oh. No time for late lunch?
Guess not.
Ps what do u charge for yoga?  Want to trade for massage sometime?
I guess,not!!
U sure know to confuse a girl.
So which is it..u just wana hook up or you like,me?


Hullooooo?  Jim, it’s Ravena, hower ya doin just callin to see how yr doin I haven’t heard from ya I been texting you I mean so this really sucks I dont like being ignored um well if you think about it give me a call when you get a chance I’ll be free to talk after about 8:30 tonight if you feel like callin talk to you later ba
So I called back, after 8:30 and got her voicemail.  I didn’t leave a message.  Immediately after I hung up, I get this, at

Whats up ?
and this, at
Hmm.. Your fingers must be broken. Howd u dial earlier, w ur chin?? Lol!! Well im going to assume ur either now involved w someone or otherwise not inter ested. Im going to leave u alone now, sorry if i was being a pest. Take care

  1. Hello, friend. Sounds like an interesting night you had 🙂

    • Hello friend! Unfortunately this dialogue took place over several nights. Thanks for reading. I look forward to reading more blogs from you!

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