Jim Trainer

lost missives from the Lonely Winter#4

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The Office of Jim Trainer
Between Temple&the Bad Road
Bat Manor, TX

Dave Hagysback
Lap of Luxury
Medellin, Colombia


Welly well well. Colombia? Really?
I thought the only thing white boys did in Colombia was get their hands cut off.  I mean, the last lilywhite I heard of travelling below the devil’s navel was George Jung and we both know how it worked out for him, don’t we?
But even Pablo Escobar learned the “high cost of doing business” in an American client-state when he got nailed to a hot roof by American steel.  His Empire was left blowing in the tropic wind and over here we got the DEA.  Oh well, that’s the price you pay to the Big Boss Man.
What is wrong with me?  Sorry.  I don’t mean to wish you ill.  You’ll be fine.  When G and Mako touchdown you guys will be ruling it in the jungle and searching for cheap Modelo and fat girls.  This is just my strange way of saying goodbye.

We are only given one chance in life and the rest of our lives to try and forget it.  Just ask Singha.  I mean, Austin might look like Paradise to a hapless Yanqui like me but you El Paso boys are ruling it.  You survived fucking malaria to laugh in my face at the Whip In and give me a bump in the bathroom and, for all we know, Mako or G could be Quezicotl and their little flight from the Pearl of the South might be the whole world coming home.
The Year of the Black Dragon should be interesting no matter what Hemisphere you’re in.  Although, I have a newfound appreciation for working in American retail after hearing about how they do in China.
Every Monday I put on the nametag&a bright orange smile and Suck Shit.  It’s not even a living but not to worry.  We will survive.
The question now becomes how will we thrive?  Do you know what I mean, David?  How will we live our dreams?  How will we crank it, 20 years on the dayshift, and launch into a braver night?  Can we stand again in the cold light of day with wisdom and grace?  How will we liberate ourselves from fear and be courageous like the Buddha?
Like Shakyamuni, there on the beach.  It was raining down swords and he made a wish for peace.

It’s midnight here, I’ve got my blues radio and my cigarettes but, this Chinese New Year I find myself wishing only that I was in Houston.
We will live to see stranger things than our own mortality.  The stupid irony of all this harrowing madness is that it is only through compassion that we will be set free.
It didn’t take a spade to dig out my diamonds inside.

Guo Nian.
Jim Trainer
Bat Manor, TX

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