Jim Trainer

ACL WRAPUP: Jimbo’s Big Weekend

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2011 at 9:40 am

well ACL’s been done but I drank a shit ton so I’m just catchin up now bros  sorry. but I wasn’t drunk at the festival I was drunk at home LOL!  I saw some awesome bands and buds tho.out on the greenbelt  how sweet is it if yr day started out like this right:

then .  after I went to the beer store it was sick I was pounding THIS:

then I saw my bro he was like:

by then I was completely wasted .but I stuck around for T.V. On Arcade Fire who fuckin ruled it bro .man they were killahhhhhh:

ok.just picture the singer bein like  “and I told YOU YOU DON’T GO OUT WIThOUT ME!  NO NO! YOU BITCH!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

and he throws this fucking TV right?  right off the porch.
killer. freals yo.

and that was only SATURDAY bitches.  word.

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