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Look its 9/11…the Cowboys are playing tonight…if you aren’t rooting for America’s team tonight I just want to know what is it about this country you hate so much?-some jackboot on the spy network, Facebook

The rebels are fleeing like rats from the mountains.  The donkeys of the Gulf have given them weapons to destroy our air conditioners.-The Mighty&Fallen Q

From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached.-Franz Kafka

Nothing is invincible.-The Police, Synchronicity I

We clobbered it.  We put that bitch down faster than a homeboy slapdown at the Georgia Dome.  ACL’s pulled stakes and left Hippie Town and Good Riddance. Thankfully I missed it in its entirety.  I had Penthouse Pool to myself all day and it was so quiet at Oak Run I felt like a wanderer in the wilderness.  What a sad army they were, crossing south Lamar at festival’s end, around 10pm Sunday night.  After work South Congress was just as beat.  Home Slice was closed and people were staring at me so I changed my mind about stopping by the CC Club.  I burned down south 1st.  The hipster parade was gone, the weekend was dead and the Terrible Summer was over.

blood in my Love in the Terrible Summer-The Doors, Peace Frog

There are people in town saying that this state burned b/c God is punishing us for Rick Perry.  Texas had the hottest summer in the recorded history of the United States Weather.  Things finally cooled down Labor Day Weekend when Mother Nature brought us a cool summer breeze.  The wind, combined with dry &arid conditions, acted as a flashpoint for wildfires that burned down Texas for 10 days.

Meanwhile Iowa residents were put on maggot watch as Governor Perry stalked the heartland.  Boy Wonder Obama hit the rustbelt assuring the rest of us that there really is no reason to be in Ohio unless you’re on Election Road.

A member of the super-rich came out in writing; imploring us to stop coddling the super rich.  Warren Buffet’s op-ed in the New York Times was one of the scant pieces of good news to come downwire to the Office this summer.  Everything else was mire&ruin, bad&worse news.  It’s bad, brother.  Current events have deconditioned my nerves.
I’ve been hit too hard, I’ve seen too much
nothing can heal me except your touch
-Bob Dylan

In the Other Hemisphere Quadaffy has exited stage left from the Theatre of World Hegemony.  It won’t be by mistake if the US finds itself in another war or three in the Other Hemisphere in the New Century.
Also this summer General David Petraeus slid into his patent leather position as head of the CIA.  Hopefully Uncle Dave won’t have to clean up something as dirty as 100, 000 unaccounted for AK47s like he did in the weird days when he ruled it in Baghdad.

The New Dumb have galvanized and they’re on the move.  They don’t care about the scoreboard now that the game is over.  They just want theirs.  Maggot Rick Perry is leading the race to be in Clover on Pensy Ave in 2012 according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday in USA Today.  If somebody has to die to keep the New Dumb free from socialism then so be it, as long as that some body is YOU.

The hard news, the good stuff, the relevant-it’s buried in there somewhere, smothered between sentiment and idea.  A good rule of thumb to have in the New Century is if you hear our Country’s leaders say that they wish to stop terrorism and the oppression of people by totalitarian rulers the truth is that  they are the ones terrorizing and oppressing.  Pretty clever trick, eh?  Maybe, but there are no mistakes in World Hegemony.
you claim I’m selling crack but you be doin that-KRS-ONE

The UT  Longhorns of course ruled it on Saturday and the Dallas Cowboys beat the San Francisco 49ers 27-24. .  All the money is in Texas, brother.  The Eagles looked brilliant on Sunday but when Vick had to go see the doc they fell apart.  Andy Reid would do well to stress Defensive Strategy for their home opener against the Giants next week.  Perhaps the team will feel more at ease at home; knowing that if they blow it in Philly there will be fire&riots and 9-volt batteries chunked downfield.  Philly fans are most passionate when it comes to showing their displeasure but even in Victory they will try to burn Hostile City down.

We’ve done wise to give up any hope for Peace in our time.  We’ve accepted that we may be blown to shit at anytime, anywhere,  in the skies over this country or any other.  We take this risk everytime we fly and are forced to ruefully confront the  crooked mechanics of the TSA.
We’re locked in tight with desperation about the job situation.  Some of you scabs are taking pay cuts and making it worse for the rest of us b/c you can’t live w/o cable.
The relevant and the important slips on by us, in between a slanted byline of corporate interest&nonsense.  We’re inundated, inured and apathetic.  Don’t go in for Hollywood, Brother.  Don’t go in for government.  I don’t know anything about politics except that nothing will make a shit unless it’s at the state level.  That can be a scary thought if yr governor is an unapologetic maggot who would do better to crane his neck a little too far trying to see the bats off South Congress bridge than to try and lead this country.  HOFFA IN 2012 but Aho!  we’ll shut this rig down and get on with it.  The Miserable Winter is upon us.

1999 Harley Davidson Road King
– Fuel Injected with Stage 1 air cleaner, remap, and new Rinehart exhaust (2 into 2)
– I just replaced the original system.
– 11,000 miles
– original Police air saddle in place plus the bike has a Corbin Hollywood Solo and a Harley rider/passenger seat. In addition, I have a Road King passenger pillion to use in conjunction with the police saddle that has been upholstered to match.
– 2 windshields
– “Chuuby” handlebar with internal wiring
– steel braided front brake cable
– “Frenched” style trim rings on headlamp, passing lamps, and signals
– Harley “flame” style grips, floorboards, shifter pegs, brake pedal, and passenger footpegs.
– lay-down license plate, saddlebag liners, nostalgic round air cleaner, and Road King Classic front fender skirt/fender lip trim
-upgraded cam bearing kit
$11,000 OBO
Please write me for pics if yr interested:

I’m a big fan of correspondence in general so please do drop me a line.  🙂

The Terrible Summer is over and so is this column.  The Happy season has been nothing short of total War for this writer, but fall is here and it’s Killing Time motherfucker.

It’s always good to have yr homeboys wit ya in the trenches.  My homeboy Jim Houser was in Hippie Town showing his art at Domy Books this weekend and his art is as fresh as ever.  I’d be sullen and empty in my cell if I was all alone at the beginning of Lonely Winter.  Here at Bat Manor, we count our blessings one by one, and we celebrate the findings of these diamonds in the dark.

The Woodstown Vipers shut down Harrison Township 2-1 in New Jersey last week and my nephew Aiden is a Warrior.  Coach Varga really believes in the boy.  He’s behind him all 100.  He moved him to offense and my favorite blonde nephew is full on and high on fire.
“We trampled them,” my sister told me Thursday.  “We were singing We Are the Champions.”  Harrison Township, stupid&sullen, glowering across Marlton Rec Field learned an important lesson last week.  They’d do well not to forget.  We are Warriors.

No news may be good news, but good news is  invaluable in the New Century.  The double-downing and Circus of Catastrophe that is World Events has only shown me that a  broken heart is one thing  but a heart that refuses to dream is a lost cause.

nice and sleazy does it-The Stranglers

I got a new pair of snakeskin boots and a newfound appreciation for Black Jack.  I’m going up to Oklahoma this weekend to gamble&get Lost.  We all know the house takes a cut on the only game in town, but they pay for yr room and send a girl up at dawn.

See you in Tulsa motherfucker.

  1. i love you jimmy

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