Jim Trainer


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The Office of Jim Trainer
Night Shift
Austin, TX

Dave Hagysback, Mako Reles
Lap of Luxury
Hippie Town



WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?  Tonight on KUT they’re playing all this Native American chant type shit on Under Currents. OK-technically there was this sample of some Indian chants in the last hour but the song McVikar’s playing now sounds like G.Razas’ ancestors doing a Flesh Offering.  Oh good, now he’s playing the Doors, my favorite.  I didn’t drop acid, did you?
Of course not.  We just live here; condemned to suffer these hippie’s sensibilities in the Pearl of the South.
When I saw Autolux at Waterloo last summer I wanted to smash a beer bottle on this feelgoody’s head.  Autolux plays killit music.  It’s not supposed to feel good you Soul Coughing choad.
Anyway I’m on the deep deep night shift.  I’m STANCHIONED in front of my laptop in the War Room listening to this LSD radio b/c I know that it’s more twisted&strange out there than a double-live Doors album.
There’s a fool on every corner when yer trying to get home.-Rosanne Cash
Why can’t we drink forever?-TOOL
Out there on Ben White tonight I was texting this broad and drinking a quart of Old Familiar.  I pulled in behind the 711 at Congress.  I parked and got out.  I locked my car.  Did you ever see the City Market back there?  I’ve seen some shit in my 36 years but this grocery is weird and strange-WRONG.  There were four Mexicans in cowboy hats out front smoking  under the blinking ‘E’.  The parking lot was full and the lights were on but the sign on the door said CLOSED.  What the hell?  How should I know?  I’m just a hapless yanqui living in Paradise.
OK-I’ve snapped off that crank on the radio and I have the sudden urge for a nightswim so I’ll get to the point.  Asian Cruise my brothers.  There is nothing else.  The record-breaking heat is making me jiggy.  I still think about Su Si, out there in the deep, peeing in her arms.  Thanks to psilocybin&Tequila  I will never forget Hagysback’s laugh although I really wish I could.
Their resistance is paper-thin.  Tell Ronnie to get a dinghy if he has to, we need to go up on over the Rise to claim our Crown.  OK-this broad is texting me again.  She wants me to ride out to Breaker to snuggle.  I hear sirens out in the Barrio and I’m two sheets to the wind but I’m tempted.  This is what dry land will do to a man.

I thought I was a big, big man.  Until I stepped out onto flat land.-Swift Ships

Duerme bien.
Momento mori.
Jim Trainer
The Night Shift


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