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I’m out of weed, sitting in my apartment with the AC on and a 6pack of Black Lager.  The rest of the country caught a break from the hottest temperatures in 15 years yesterday.  They were probably tired and spent in front of their TVs watching the President last night or on Facebook posting about Breivik and Amy Winehouse.

I’m working class.  I will never forget the struggle.  Things are changing for me though.  After years spent spelunking the bleak-black night and “tearing the temple down” I might be able to claim some small fortune here.  It’s my life and it’s been nothing short of total War.  The real battle now is this contentment, dealing with this newfound peace in a new way.  There you have it-I just wanted to give you some background and a reason for the soft-focus on world news that I present to you in my own hack way.   

I didn’t listen to the President’s speech last night.  Does it matter? 
The Aristocracy of this country, ever eager to appear righteous, is up in arms about doing something that’s been done 91 times since 1960.    If the most powerful nation in the world defaults  all it can mean is that we (that’s you and I, brother) will have to pay.  And we will pay-somehow, someway.  Count on it.  Cory Branan was right “it’s hard work keeping the roof offa your head” whether the debt ceiling is raised or not.

We all know drunks and junkies and they all need help and the help is out there.-from Russel Brandts’ For Amy on his blog last week.
Even when attacking pop-stars and joining in the schadenfreude you are esteeming popular culture and the news media machine.  It’s a big cycle and you are a part of it.  All witticisms aside you’re just a consumer and “just another victim, kid”.  The truth of the matter is that addiction is serious business and a serious affliction.  In a situation like this the only valid opinion can come from the afflicted’s loved ones, the real losers .  To esteem Winehouse is to esteem the retro-soul movement which has been humming along in the underground for longer than she was alive and doesn’t begin or end with some of the bogus R&B acts of your zeitgeist. 
I attack pop-culture and the public at large from the  point of view of the working class.  These charades have nothing to do with our Rock n Roll or the struggle.  Don’t include me in your sentiments about some “27 Club”.  Those losers found that the only way to get out of debt with the Bank of the Music Industry is to die.  The rest of us suffer this watered down tripe they call rock n roll while being worked to death in the Land of the Free/Cheap Labor.

As many as 150,000 gathered on the streets of Oslo yesterday, mourning the greatest tragedy to afflict Norway since WWII.  What matters most in times like these are your friends, your loved ones. 
“All is as good as it can be here.  What a fucked up situation and twat, though”,  my friend Idar wrote me from Norway yesterday.
Maybe you’d rather engage in at least 3 or more wars for a decade in some quest for justice like the U.S. has done.  If so then you probably already support Breivik and his anti-Muslim actions and pogrom. 
Despite this nutter’s rampage Norway is looking like a pretty good place to live as we blindly stab into the dark New Century.

“I couldn’t believe I had to go through this in the best country in the world,” statesman.com quoted Rais Bhuiyan, talking about his attempts to stay the execution of the “Arab Slayer” Mark Stroman in Texas on Wednesday.
Pray for the living, pray for the dead, there is no future in the Land of the Dumb.

The Philadelphia Department of Health reported no less than 6 deaths in Philly last week due to the heat wave, leaving the rest of its citizens to suffer the heat in Hostile City.

“This is not the country I was born in. We’re a fascist nation now.”  Leave it to a former pro-Wrestler to state the obvious.  Jesse Ventura spoke his truth in a Federal Court hearing about the “un-American” security procedures in airports across the nation.  Fuck the TSA.

There’s nowhere to run and less places to hide.  Fuck it, maybe I should pull stakes and move to Houston.  It’s the fourth-largest city in the U.S., the largest city in Texas and I’ve always had fun there. 
At any rate I know things are bad when I long for the heady days before the Crash in the Year of the Pig.  Yay, I am perhaps “wishing for the days”  when I was young&dumb and newly sober on the streets of an old farm town in Delaware back in 07.  I had nothing to do and nothing to prove back then, when we were all enjoying the surplus of a War on Terror .  That town is as good as levelled now.  There’s no hope for any of us in these dark days of the New Century. 
I’ll see you in Norway, motherfucker.

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