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“get ready for confetti hey hey hey.”,

Robert Earl Keen was singing this on the radio this morning as I drank my Yerba Matte.  That hated dj came on and it was bad.  Evil.  A “if God is our Father, Satan must be our cousin” moment.  I listened as he announced REK’s new album in that plaintive, painful hippie-drone of his that I have come to loathe.  The album is called (wait for it) Get Ready For Confetti Hey Hey Hey.  I cranked off the radio and opened the blinds.  Between trouble&the Blues, how will we ever survive?
Conversely, Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings were on Fresh Air yesterday and nothing tickles this writer more than to hear from singer/songwriters, whom I admire, on their work and their process.  It’s always good to hear that it’s a search and its lifelong.  It’s a body of work we’ve devoted our lives to here and there ain’t no goin back, ain’t no goin back home.
but that was yesterday…

When I left the apartment at Oak Run I was on fire, just brimming with it.  Whistle blower Sean Hoare was found dead at his home in London and British Home Secretary Teresa May was on the radio , announcing news about the latest blows to NewsCorp.   As of yesterday the police said there seem to be no suspicious circumstances leading to his death.  Keep in mind, this is the same police alleged to have taken bribes from minion reporters of Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp that Hoare blew the whistle on.  Oh and is that right?  Get ready for confetti people, it’s the minutes, the news.

The British Home Secretary’s announcement was delivered in a formal cockney accent that betrayed her news surely would have nothing to do with dirty writers or crooked cops.  Well, it did, the Commissioner of Crooked Cops, anyway.  Yessir.  This is what you call a Shakedown. 

If potential Presidential candidate Rick Perry-R(TX) is nervous about going head to head with American Atheists Incorporated in Houston next month he’s not showing it.   He sounded fine on the air this morning with every bit of relaxed Texan drawl his handlers could coach into him.  Why worry?  The list of campaign donors made public before the wretched weekend on Friday show that the Dumb are on the move.  Michelle Bachman is in the lead with donors at the $200 level.  The Dumb are mobilizing and the Gravy Train has left the station.  Beware, and what’s wrong with Ron Paul anyway?  Probably allot.   

The sad&macabre news about murdered local musician Chad Thomas came down wire last week.   “You have to go through the rest of your life knowing you killed Chadd Thomas.”  Dylan Cavaliere, bass player for the Crazy Kings, was quoted as saying on KVUE.com Thursday. 

Pray for the living and pray for the dead as we blindly stab forward into the merciless New Century.

The Wugazi mash-up that came across my desk last week is horrible.  I am not impressed but then again, I’m one of those hardcore boyscouts who doesn’t even like to hear one of my favorite bands of all time in a bar.  I can’t imagine that Fugazi digs it much but I’ll keep you posted if I hear back from them.

in other news, rock n roll is dead.   no shit? 

“Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose has reportedly heard at least some of the upcoming Van Halen album, and has described it as ‘fucking killer.’”

Thanks for the heads ups bros.  As a former bass player, let me tell you something:  you don’t fuck the bass player.  Chicks don’t and without that thunder you’re band will fail.  What do you want from me, it’s the minutes, the news.  You want the hard stuff go to Reuters or nightwatch.  There you go, Brother.

The most pressing bit of news to come down wire for me and for you, my readers of the free world, is net neutrality.  In fact I’m gonna cut this short right here and get crackin on a letter to my Congressman.  The Decemberists did.  You should too.   

It’s hot.  It’s getting ugly out there.  Get yrself some HaterBlockers and go for a swim.  We’re living in Paradise and we all have to die.  Get ready for confetti hey hey hey.

  1. Really well done. Intuitive and nice to read.

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