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In Uncategorized on March 20, 2011 at 12:21 am

I hit a wall but it was a good wall.

My scattered and random posts, my Leave of Absence, it was not what I intended for this blog.  Perhaps the amount of beauty and truth I’ve experienced since January can compensate for that.  It’s not from lack of material, it’s just from lack of writing.  Lack of a room and lack of a light in it.  Lack of an empty ashtray beside the lack of an old oak desk.  It wasn’t from a lack of love. 

It’s just that:  “Sooner or later we all hit the wall.”-Nathan Hamilton

A slight pause.  A refueling.  Thank you beautiful Sisters for reading and inspiring me.  I see your numbers everyday and I am grateful.  There’s war and hunger in the world and total devastation, real and pending.  We’ll be together again.

These last few weeks have been incredible and I can’t wait to fill you in.  It will take me awhile to even attempt to describe even these last 5 days but we’ll see what we can do, hmm?

Compared to the suffering outside these borders we are in Paradise.  The Carnival will leave town and that’s nothing new.  These last few months I’ve been getting untangled and reaping the benefit from years of working on myself and keeping my Art alive.  Thanks for all your help.  We’ll be together again.

“I’m leaving Babylon, it will not be too long.”-Bad Brains

your Writer

  1. #1 Thank you for quoting Bad Brains.
    #2 We all hit walls. I have decided not to post shit up on my blog because I have limited amounts of writing and writing energy and I need to use all of it for my writing not blogposts. There are poems I want to write and I’m not going to post them because I want to savor them and then maybe submit them. I have to save my juice!
    #3 Sometimes it’s called living.
    #4 I might just post random shit up on the blog like photos, and things that pump my juice It will be my subconscious map that I can check on and other folks can check and when we are all famous writers, we can look at our maps and find out how to get home.


  2. dammit maleka I was going to thank him for quoting bad brains!
    actually i was going to say everything you said, if i would have thought of it.. but i didn’t. so thank you for thanking him.
    and james, thank you for being my brother~

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