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The Minutes 2/9/11

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The chamber clicked three times in Egypt this week.  I’d rather not get jiggy about things like Freedom until I see how the chips finally lay on Election Day.  Kind of like over here in the USA except Washington may have to use stronger tactics in Little Egypt than PR.

Starvation sanctions and paltry Self Defense programs ought to motivate the newest members of Imperialist Democracy.  If you want to talk about Egypt, talk to Lawrence Wright. 

He was on Fresh Air last week, one of my favorite Texan writers on my favorite radio show.  Hot Damn.  I would have written about it the day it aired but the casual shitslide of useless events on most days is numbing.  Most days you play with yourself and walk down to the mailbox 2 or 3 times.  Then something will happen like Lawrence Wright on the radio.  It’ll jolt the mind.  The 24hour news cycle won’t wait for the body to burn off last night’s Tequila and history won’t wait for a hack like me to write about it.

Wright has spent some time in Egypt teaching English for years at American University in Cairo.  Having written the excellent, Pulitzer Prize winning The Looming Tower:  Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 he is also quite knowledgeable about Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

“I’m just praying Egypt will become one of the great countries as it should be.”-Lawrence Wright on Fresh Air

Put that on yr facebook you dirty American whores.  Or, instead of posting Nike Ad type-sentiments and Bangles’ songs so we all know you’re liberal, you should go right to the source.  Just ask Facebook.

That’s what Wael Ghonim did.  Oh and 

“If you want to free a society, just give them internet access,” the Google marketing manager said in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer.  Hmm.

Several heavy and twisted things come to mind.  Hopefully things like Net Neutrality will come into better focus for you once you’re done waving your HTML Freedom Banner. 

Maybe you’d rather be a guitar hero but even Guitar Hero’s hanging it up in these dismal times.  After creating a “whole new Generation of Classic Rock fans” (never has the machinery of our Rock n Roll been summed up so concisely).  There will be no more new versions of this, most abhorrent of video games.  Fat lawyers will have to talk wit me at their parties now-maybe ask me to “rip some tubes” or watch some porn.  It’s the minute’s people, the news.  You wanted it.  There you go, Brother.

Can you imagine a world where Julian Assange is kept in Guantanamo?  Can you imagine a society without a free internet…or-can you imagine something as horrible as Bad Weather Make Up Days?  Surely there is nothing worse.  Snow days can potentially loosen students’ atheist tendencies.  On the day of this writing the whole town of Austin was shut DOWN for 1/16” of the stuff (that was gone by 5pm) so now kids will have to be in school well into June, for Christ.  Hip the little cretins early in life so they know that there is no escape. 

I got the cream, I got the sugar.    

Now that that’s all over with go be a real hero.  If you want some hard news read the New York Times or Noam Chomsky.  I have to get on a plane.

Ciaou my little Valentines.xo

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