Jim Trainer


In Uncategorized on February 4, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Freedom of the Press and all you can talk about is freedom? 

Your lofty ideals about freedom will be replaced with lofty ideals about Nationalism.  If the US government gets everything it wants it won’t even feel unfair.  The standard of living may go down but Washington knows about the “Spirit of Americans”.  That’s all they ever tell us about  through their shadow puppet buddies in the press.  The Grand Imperialist strategy will be realized as long as we’re out at some mall fighting with pro-National idiot minions of Glenn Beck or parroting the press on Facebook. 

Even if Washington can’t contain us they’ll tell you to kiss their ass from the front b/c they’ve already cashed out your social security and the AMA lobby will push for free clinics on something called “Middle Class Island”.  It’s not like we’re really gonna get out of line.  Things would have to be pretty bad to wake up this sleeping beauty and a non-existent middle class ain’t the ticket. 

It’s fine.  If you’re reading this you’re lucky like me.  I won’t pretend that I have the balls or the might to change things top-down.  All I can do is be some gadfly in my reationship to the press, the real slime in the sinkpool. 

Instead of cheering for a country in Africa we should be razing our own streets and ousting these media outlets from our lives.  Due to something called the Internet we don’t need them or their syndication anymore.  We don’t.  Lobby for a free internet even if its only free in the chatroom.  The US will always put a sheen on history as to maintain their direct link to sovereignty and their divine right to rule.  The irony is that even though the press isn’t nearly as vibrant as it could be, it is further choked wit yr buzzwords about Freedom. 

A brickbat is quite different from a college degree and your idealism ain’t worth a salt unless yr pro-labor.  You may impress yr parents or yr peers but you won’t make a difference after Election Day.  The best you can do is form a lobby, with lots of money for “public conscience” spin and PR and keep some whore Politician on a shortleash.  Short of that you could move to Europe but there are less and fewer places to hide from the evil empire. 

Culling the list of “client states” of the US over the years is the same as culling a list of countries we have terrorized, invaded, starved to death and/or ruled.  If you want freedom you’re watching the wrong channel.  Money=Freedom and that’s it for us.  Death’s closing in and has been since about 50 years ago when an agenda like Obama’s was just called “Republican”.

The choice is not between:  a dictator we supported, endorsed and fomented the conditions for, and the People.  I’m not telling you to praise the people of Egypt nor to condemn Mubarak.  I am telling you that I’m not fooled by your bannering about freedom and it won’t make you a better person.

Open your eyes to what’s going on instead of sloganeering on Facebook.  You usually bore me but now I’m starting to get annoyed.



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