Jim Trainer


In Uncategorized on February 1, 2011 at 7:26 pm

 His eyes were filling with blood.  It became hard to see them.  He could not stay in the beer dank, ill-lighted places.  His vision was better out on the street.  Out on the street at night his vision was perfect. 

What he sought was not them but something inside of them.  “Inside one of these.”  Their neuroses and words confused him.  He could detect some with a beating heart, some without, and that was all. 

The moon unhinged him.  When the moon was full he laughed and was gregarious. When the moon was dead, and gone, a great melancholy would fill him.  He would then drink wine and hang from the rafters.  The Ennui of an invisible moon drove him out to dark depressing places with lots of people and neon. 

He never saw her, really.  He just sensed her there.  He could hear them all whisper and he could also hear her voice.  Their voices were raspy and windblown.  Her voice was a low coarse buzzing like a dragonfly in summer, hovering above the dead leaves and hair of theirs.  In nightmare he would encounter the blonde and pale-white beauty, the Sun.  Startled awake he would hear her, buzzing amidst the dead tongues lashing and hear her, a dragonfly. 

The moon was waning above when he awoke.  He was cold and hungry.  He walked down into the city, clutching his chest, and with a line of vision perfectly clear to her.

  1. Goddamn! How come I haven’t been reading this blog on the daily? I have been reading a bunch of books including one withe a alternate universe filled with magical prostitutes(I’m not kidding). I’m hooked. Consider this my constant reading.

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